Amateur Web Developer Takes Market by Storm: Creates Amazing New App

Everyone has heard “overnight success” stories online, on the radio, on TV…they’re everywhere. Take, for example, “mom discovers new trick to destroy belly fat” and “new supplement threatens GNC business“. Okay, fine, those were ads, but still.

These days, it is becoming easier and easier to spread ideas and communicate with dozens, sometimes even millions, of people at a time, and the world is full of inspiring tales featuring bright-eyed entrepreneurs hoping to till the rich fields offered by the Internet.

One such trailblazer is Devin Peterson, an amateur web developer who happens to be a Google certified partner. Devin has recently unveiled a mind-blowing app that will surely achieve platinum status (if that’s a thing).

It’s not a phone app. You can’t find it on Google Play or Apple Store or Amazon Apps. A simple web app, The Light Refractor was designed for the general public’s use. It is now possible to determine the angle of refraction of a beam of light as it traverses from one medium to the next without having to use Snell’s law to compute the simple calculation by hand. Take a moment, if you will, to consider the possibilities offered by this ground-breaking new tool.


Although its impact is everlasting, the app only took a few hours to program and finalize. According to a recent interview, Devin was inspired by a dream. He states:

I was inspired by a dream.

Since its launch, use of the app has been widespread. At last count, two of Devin’s professors, a friend of his, his mother, two people from Iowa (according to Google analytics), and someone from India have abandoned pencil and paper in favor of The Light Refractor. Early estimates predict that these figures could double or even triple within the next year.

In response to inquiries regarding The Light Refractor’s impact on Devin’s finances, Devin responded, “ad revenue is way up. In fact, compared to just last month when the app didn’t even exist, profit margins are up by a factor of ⇑∞%.”

How The App Works

  1. Click anywhere on the left side of the canvas to control the position and angle of incidence of the virtual light beam.
  2. Click the up/down arrows to adjust the index of refraction for each medium.
  3. Observe the angle of refraction…
  4. Note: If medium 1 has a higher index than medium 2 then ‘reflection’ occurs when the ‘critical angle’ is achieved.

The Social Impact

Prospective customers might wonder what such sophisticated technology can offer the average user. The Light Refractor will revolutionize test preparation for anyone taking an optics or computational physics course by reducing study time by several seconds.

Students may also steal the source code, available publicly, if plagiarism is the more viable option. Those who wish to use the same concept without plagiarizing may implement the following psuedocode:

Snells Law Psuedocode

  1. Declare all variables: indices and angles.
  2. Define relative positions of light source and border of 2 mediums.
  3. Allow mouse clickable position selection.
  4. Compute length of ray and angle by applying Snell’s Law
    • n1*angle(i) = n2*angle(r)

For more amazing apps, please stand by.

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