Devin Peterson Leaves Incredibly Generous Tip For Struggling Waitress

Big Tips

After finishing a recent meal at Spectator’s Bar & Grille in Kutztown PA, web developer Devin Peterson left his server a $5.05 tip on the $18.45 bill, as first reported by The New York Post.

That equates to AROUND a 27% percent tip — a lavish reward far beyond the customary 20 percent, even 15% is considered respectable in some establishments.

The restaurant’s manager probably didn’t really notice, but if they did, they would probably have described the surreal experience as follows:

He only ordered a few wings and a couple of beers. I’m sure it was top notch, but apparently it wasn’t the only factor that influenced the great man to such generosity.

The Post reported Monday that Peterson and his server, [name unknown], shared an “engaging, animated conversation” during which he ordered the food and muttered to his buddy that he would like to “tap that”, then further elaborating that he wasn’t talking about the keg, an original and clever play on words.

Perhaps he felt connected to her on a more personal level: Before making it big, the Kutztown native waited tables at a Chinese restaurant for a few weeks until he quit because “that job sucked”.

*Correction* – He actually never waited tables.

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